Swimming Pool Management Agreement

Register all your pool maintenance contracts securely and protected in the GoCanvas Cloud. Generate a PDF of the agreement and email it to your customers, managers and technicians. In addition to our standard pool maintenance services, we offer a complete complement to pool maintenance and repair. If you need these services at any time, please contact us by phone or email. Whether your business uses ground pools, surface pools, chlorine or saltwater pools, this mobile app, available on any smartphone, tablet or PC, makes creating pool service contracts a breeze. Your pool technician or service provider will thank you! We assign a technician to your property based on the service interval you have selected. Our goal is to perform maintenance work on the same day of the week at all intervals to ensure consistency, but additional service days may be required depending on availability. In addition to service information, follow the payment terms and the status of the service contract. Check the pool maintenance rates, payment options and the list of services to be provided. Identify how to handle additional services or costs if the work is required to ensure safe and proper operation of the pool. Help your guests meet their pool opening date so everyone can start swimming! We do not offer after-work services or holidays. If your regular pool maintenance appointment falls on a holiday, we will contact you to make an appointment.

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