Sting Agreement

Prior to signing WWE, Sting`s legacy was immortalized by the organization. He celebrated him as “one of the elites of sports entertainment,”[164] and ranked him first in the list of the greatest wrestlers who have never performed in WWE,[165] and the greatest stars in WCW history. [166] In 2013, Sting`s WCW World Heavyweight Championship Contest against Diamond Dallas Page declared April 26, 1999 as the biggest match ever broadcast on WCW`s flagship Monday Nitro program. [167] On The Night of champions 2013, WWE held a poll to identify the greatest U.S. champion of all time: Sting, a two-time champion, defeated the other four contestants, all WWE Hall of Famers – in a landslide victory with 53% of the vote. [168] Regarding Sting`s creative relationship after signing with WWE, Dave Scherer, editor-in-chief of PWInsider, wrote that he really represented WCW, so he would never get that treatment [ caption].” [169] After a match against Terry Taylor in mid-1987, Gilbert intervened on Taylor`s behalf and cost Sting the match. Taylor and Gilbert mixed with Sting until gentleman Chris Adams Sting came to the rescue. Adams cleared the ring and asked Sting if he was in his quarrel with Taylor and Gilbert with him or against him. Sting turned his face upside down, declaring his loyalty to Adams. Lex Luger was chosen to challenge flair at WrestleWar. During the match between Flair and Luger, Sting went downstairs to motivate Luger to come back and beat the flair.

Previously, Sting and Luger disagreed. As Luger was on the verge of winning, Sting was attacked by Ole Anderson. Luger decided to save Sting, already injured, and lost the match by counting while assisting his friend. Behind the scenes, WCW officials had wanted Flair to drop the title to Luger near WrestleWar, but Flair refused and said he promised Borden that he would hold the title until Borden could return to the ring. Despite the injury, Sting was still used on television and, if necessary, à la carte à la carte. On November 23, at the main event of the Survivor Series, Sting made his first appearance in a WWE ring by attacking Triple H with a Scorpion Death Drop and also costing team Authority the match. [142] On January 19, 2015, Sting made his live debut by performing backstage at the main event and then going on stage, which caused a distraction and cost Big Show authority members Kane and Seth Rollins their crippling match against John Cena; This victory returned their jobs to the recently fired Dolph Ziggler, Ryback and Erick Rowan. Triple H challenged Sting on the January 26 episode of Raw for a personal confrontation….

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