Guide For Sponsorship Agreement Holders To Privately Sponsor Refugees

This section should be carefully read and understood by all parties to the sponsorship. If you are part of a constituent group, contact the Sponsorship Agreement Holder (SAH) for assistance with preparation. If you sponsor refugees who are referred by IRCC to your sponsoring group under the Blended Visa Office information program, the refugees also receive financial assistance from the Canadian government for up to 24 months, depending on their circumstances. Enter the name of the sponsor group (SAH, CG, CS organizational co-sponsor). Under the Blended Visa Office (BVOR) program, refugees are directly referred by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Refugees (UNHCR) to Canadian visa offices abroad. Sponsors must submit these documents (preferably by email): Many of the refugees assisted under this program are ready to travel and arrive quickly in Canada, usually within 1-4 months. To assess whether your sponsoring group meets the residency requirements, let`s compare sponsor addresses on sponsorship (IMM 5373) or representative address on the representative nomination form in the “Expected Community of Settlement (IMM 5956) form with the province and city (where refugees want to live) listed in question 5 of the PA Generic Application Form for Canada (IMM 0008). Your application is rejected if it does not comply with the residency requirements when it is submitted to the ROC-O. There are several opportunities for sponsorship training in a personal and online capacity: the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Refugees, other remittance agencies and private sponsorship groups identify and deport refugees who will be relocated to Canada. SAHs may allow other groups in the Community to sponsor refugees under their agreements. These groups are called constituent groups (CGs).

Your constituent group may be made up of friends, relatives, parishioners – people who bring you together, who are committed to playing the role of private sponsor. You can then turn to an SAH and work under its roof. Private sponsorship is a simple concept linked to a complex process. There are apps to fill out and rules to follow, but don`t let that put you off. Many individuals and organizations are ready to help you navigate the system. Here are some of the most important resources at the national and local level. Note: Relatives or friends of the refugee may contribute their own funds to the affiliation group to cover resettlement costs. It can take up to 4 months for a refugee to arrive in Canada after the sponsorship is authorized. The process consists of 3 steps: No, there is no processing fee for private sponsorship applications. Application forms are also available free of charge online. Enter the name of the SAH and, if applicable, the GC and/or co-sponsor who signed the sponsoring company….

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