Countries Under Air Bubble Agreement

China – Singapore. The two Asian countries are in talks to create their own travel bubble for businessmen and civil servants. The first discussion seems to reveal an always complex procedure involving smear tests before departure on arrival. You can find the full list of Asian travel bubbles on the wego Travel blog. i. Indian nationals in Gus countries (excluding Russia); So far, the government has facilitated the repatriation and international travel of more than 20 lakhs through various means since May 6, 2020. Minister Puri said that under the Vande Bharat mission, 17,11,128 people returned to India and 2,97,536 people traveled from India. New Delhi | Jagran News Desk: All international flights to and from India were banned after Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a national lockdown on March 24 to break the chain of the highly contagious coronavirus. However, as the situation improved slightly, the Centre has installed an air bubble with several countries allowing international passengers to resume their services in India.

The Thai government is also considering a plan for uns quarantined travel bubbles with China. Officials hope the program, if approved, could be put into operation in time for the Chinese New Year in February. China currently has 22 low-risk provinces as they have not recorded a case of Covid 19 for more than 150 days. While Australia and New Zealand continue their discussions, China and South Korea have set up their own Corona Bridge since May 2020. The strictly controlled travel bubble only applies to certain cities in both countries, including Seoul until Shanghai.La China`s travel bubble appears to be expanding, as there are plans to integrate Taiwan, Hong Kong and even Macau into the safe zone. From October, Thailand allows foreign tourists to visit Phuket Island, provided they are willing to endure a 14-day quarantine upon arrival. Once the quarantine obligation is met, travelers can visit other parts of the country, as can Thai nationals arriving from abroad. This program was announced after the suspension of many travel bubble plans.. . .


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