Contoh Agreement Pekerja

In addition, in accordance with Article 52(1) of Law No 13/2003, which governs employment, it is also confirmed that a contract of employment must be concluded on the basis of the first agreement of both parties. (2) ability or ability to undertake legal acts. 3. There is a promised job. 4. The promised work does not violate the public order that was in force and the rules of the applicable law. You HR professionals can now use Glints TalentHunt`s headhunter to find the best candidates. In addition, you can also set up vacancies for free by signing up for free at Glints. From the self-employed to the full-time worker, let`s find with Glints the best talents for your company! The salary is important to be included in the letter of employment contract, because it is the basis of other things, such as for example.

B the calculation of the amount of the THR and various other benefits. Part-time workers can be defined as workers with shorter and more flexible working hours. If the worker still works 40 hours a week, the part-time worker`s working time is only about half, 3 to 5 hours a day, depending on the type of work. The competent employment agency may be written or oral and is not necessary to obtain entries from the competent employment agencies. The clauses applicable between them (between employers and workers) are clauses as defined by the Labour Law. An employment contract is an agreement between workers and employers, orally or in writing, either for a fixed period or for a period of madness that contains working conditions, rights and obligations. Each company is required to conclude an employment contract on the first day of work of potential employees. .

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