Animal Shelter Foster Agreement

Organizations across the country, from large hospital agencies to small nonprofits, in different regional and demographic locations, have managed to implement robust care programs and increase their living savings exponentially. Using their experience, standard operating methods, and proven life-saving strategies, the following information will help you establish your own life-saving protocol for this critical program. By offering a care program, you can reduce the number of animals in the pound and increase the results achieved for more animals in your community. Some of the benefits of care programs are as follows: I understand that medications and other supplies provided by the HSSC are intended only for caregivers and should not be administered to animals that are not owned by HSSC. I understand that all veterinary treatments must be approved in advance by HSSC. I agree to personally bear the cost of each treatment that has not been approved in this way. I understand that the animal (the animals) will always remain the exclusive property of the Humane Society of Sarasota County (HSSC). I agree to offer the animal good affectionate care, including at least: proper food, adequate water, properly cleaned housing, enough space in the primary pen for the type of animal depending on age, size, type and weight and proper exercise; and to comply with HSSC rules on transport and veterinary care where necessary to prevent the transmission of disease or suffering. The guide below is intended to provide an overview of care programs and help you develop an existing care program or implement a new one in your agency. This program is an important part of saving more animals in each community and is relevant if your organization is a municipal agency or 501(c)(3) nonprofit and you run a shelter or rescue group without a facility. Well-managed care programs can exponentially increase the capacity of the community foster home and its care capacity, given that animals may reside in homes and not in the pound.. .


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