Airport Courtesy Car Agreement

However, the rattler will surpass courteous transportation at many other airports, such as the bike parked in Brandon, Oregon, and more than a few other airports across the country. (There are also several models of folding bikes that fit into the luggage compartment of many GA aircraft, another option to consider.) At least one airport car is a truck equipped with a plow. You never really know. Courtesy cars help reduce the cost of theft, so it`s incumbent on all of us to take care of this valuable resource and render courtesy by stopping at the gas station before returning to the airport – unless the “car” in question is actually a bicycle. Then you can skip this part. Many airport cars are retired police cruisers purchased at an auction. Even today, years after the Ford Crown Victoria withdrew from law enforcement, examples of this venerable model still populate many airport parking lots. Jeep Cherokees are also common. Manage your expectations (and those of your passengers). The car can be a bit moldy, shifting may seem a bit casual or require a non-standard maneuver to enerst it.

You may hear some unnatural noises after turning the key, noises that may or may not disappear after warming up the car. A sense of humor may be necessary, especially if you go downtown where people see you driving such a vehicle. The car may be older than the plane you flew in, which often looks like something. However, some airports will provide a brand new luxury car. The life of an airplane can be full of surprises, not all of them unpleasant. “My husband is not a pilot, but he takes care of everything on the ground,” Kot wrote. “He appreciates the opportunity to drive the next unexpected courtesy car, whether it`s a Prius or a pickup. On long/stays we rarely book something in advance, as it is great to arrange transportation and a hotel out of nowhere. In fact, he lives on the challenge and this contributes to the excitement of the trip for both of us, because sometimes we have unexpected and unforgettable arrangements. AOPA`s online airport directory and related resources are a great place to start your search for ground wheels, and a brief call to the local FBO often gives you all the information you need.

If they don`t respond, this site, backed by donations, provides national lists of airports with free cars…

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