Usc Transfer Articulation Agreement

If private education is transferable from a given school to USC, only one single credit is granted to USC. Macroeconomics or microeconomics are required courses in the music major industry at the USC Thornton School. If courses can be transferred to USC in accordance with the appropriate articulation agreement in order to obtain credits in ECON 203 or ECON 205, it may be interesting for students to complete these courses prior to the transfer. Moving to Thornton School can be a complicated process. It is important for potential applicants to think not only about what is required to apply, but also what the transition to USC registration would be if admission were granted. The following information is intended to help beginner students carefully consider these two important issues. Typically, it takes 3 years or more for a transfer student to graduate in music at Thornton School. The actual time it takes a student to meet all applications for study in their main subject at Thornton School after switching from another institution to USC is influenced by three primary factors: music students can also enroll in transferable ensemble courses, but the number of units a student can transfer to USC for overall credits is limited to 4 units. These sets can meet the actual requirements of the set for bachelor`s degrees, but it depends on the major. In addition, enrolling in basic music courses (for example. B Music theory or ear formation) may also be useful when preparing for similar courses at Thornton School, but these courses are not transferred for specialized credits.

As described above, mediation in these courses is determined by exams at the time of enrollment. Because the basic musical requirements of The Thornton School are quite strict, transfer students often have to repeat one or more semesters of courses in these disciplines. Students applying for admission to a music professional should first enrol in courses that can be transferred to USC and meet USC`s general educational requirements (see articulation agreements). It is also very important that applicants become familiar with USC Admission`s writing and math requirements and be assured of meeting these requirements before applying to USC (for more details, see USC Transfer Admission Information). The USC Office of Admission generally recommends that students follow at least 30 transferable semester units before applying to USC. What if I take classes at a school that doesn`t appear on the home page of the joint? First, look at the transfer to USC, which provides guidance on whether a course for voting assets is transferred and meets a closing requirement. Click here to access the Transfer Planning Guide (TPG). For many institutions, the GPT displays the courses we have evaluated, which earn specialized credits or meet lower divisional requirements for the selected major. The GPT does NOT contain a complete list of courses taught at these colleges.

Therefore, if the school you wish to attend is not mentioned or if the courses you wish to take are not posted, please proceed to the third stage. Third, talk to your admissions advisor, who may be able to provide information from our database of courses already transferred by the university you wish to attend. You can identify your advisor with contact information on the DesinerBerater page or call the entry at (213) 740-1111. Participation in the whole and individual (or applied teaching) are encouraged for all performance majors.

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