Spea Collective Agreement

After more than a year of work, SPEEA recently reached an agreement with Boeing to help our members care for children and former care. For Purolator employees, the entire appeal procedure is subject to Article 6 of the PSAC-Purolator collective agreement. Any worker who has a problem that could lead to a complaint has 15 days to file a written complaint from the date the worker is aware of the circumstances that led to the complaint. However, before filing a complaint (written step), the employee should first discuss the issue with her or her immediate supervisor. If the grieving decides to continue because the problem is not resolved, the member must bring the matter to the attention of a shop steward. The steward planned to meet with the administrator, who stagnated within 5 days of the steward shop`s communication. The manager must give his answer within 5 days. The delay between the administrator`s first contact and the manager`s final response is not considered a 15-day delay. It is recommended that local contact Marc Rousseau, UPCE National Labour Relations Advisor, when filing a local written complaint. As soon as a complaint is filed, the parties will discuss the issue at a monthly meeting between the parties.

The company will meet with the EU to discuss the dispute and try to resolve it. The company will provide its response to the complaint in writing within 10 days. If this is not resolved, the Union will inform the company of its decision to refer the complaint to arbitration within 30 days of the meeting with the company. Delays can be extended by mutual agreement. The complaint containing the supporting documents can be forwarded to the National Office of the UPCE for verification. UpCE strongly recommends discussing a problem with the employer before a complaint is filed. This can be done by retaining collective agreements, given the time frames for appeal under the collective agreement. For example, the employee and the union representative may speak with the supervisor, manager and work advisor. As a proven method, it is recommended that the deadlines be extended in writing by the employer when discussing a possible remedy.

Agreements and resolutions at a local and early stage of the process can benefit the Union and the member. For Canada Post staff, the entire claims process is covered by section 19 of the PSAC-Post Canada collective agreement. The Alliance representative will meet with mourning and discuss the issue. If the complaint is substantiated and there are supporting documents, a complaint may be filed. Local and/or store management are urged to contact Marc Rousseau, National Labour Relations Advisor, before filing a complaint. In most cases, a complaint can be made to the Canada Post no later than 25 days after the day the grieving or Alliance can be brought as a result of the action or circumstances that led to the claim.

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