Nationalists Believed The Constitution Is An Agreement Between

Morris and the nationalists understood that in order to achieve their political and constitutional objectives, they had to fight against the addition of Burke and the conceptions of state sovereignty. At the same time, they were more than aware that state sovereignty was a fundamental feature of American constitutionalism and that a total attack on state sovereignty would not only be reckless, but also counterproductive. If nationalists were to resolve immediate political problems while advancing their constitutional objectives, they had to work towards understanding state sovereignty, while trying to convince and demonstrate the defects of the articles and their protection of state sovereignty. The agreement between delegates from the North and South to allow Congress to end the slave trade from 1808 was a significant change that was introduced in the final version. Delegates from the South and the North also agreed to strengthen the Slavic fugitive clause in exchange for the repeal of a request for two-thirds of Congress to agree on “navigation laws” (trade rules between states and foreign governments). The two-thirds requirement was advocated by delegates from the South, who believed that Congress could pass shipping laws that would be economically damaging to slavers. [123]196 There was a general consensus that the House of Lords or the Senate should be smaller and more selective than the House of Commons. Its members should come from the smartest and most virtuous among citizens. [60] Experience had convinced delegates that such an upper house was necessary to tame the excesses of the democratically elected House of Commons. [56] Virginia`s plan to elect the Senate was more controversial.

The members who were in charge of maintaining power wanted the state legislatures to choose senators, while James Wilson of Pennsylvania proposed a popular election by direct universal suffrage. [61] It was not until June 7 that delegates unanimously decided that the legislative elections should elect senators. [62] The final report of the commission, which became the first draft constitution, was the first constitutional plan in progress, as the Virginia Plan of Madison was merely a draft of objectives and a broad structure. Even after the publication of this report, the committee will meet until the beginning of September. The U.S. Constitution has become the main text of the American civil religion. As a nation without a common religion, “we, the people,” have come to worship our Constitution as the Scripture that unites us. In almost all opinion polls on this subject, Americans express not only their admiration for the Constitution, but also their strong opinion of its importance.

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